Excerpts from Book 2

‘Maybe it was the cavemen,’ said Madi.
‘What cavemen,’ asked Ryan.
‘Well,’ said Angel, ‘when we parked up I was sure I saw a caveman in the
trees, he was watching us.’
‘I think he, or they, must have waited until I was out of the way, then he took
the food.’
‘Well I’m not sure whether it was an actual caveman, but the rest sounds
plausible,’ said Ryan again trying very hard not to be sarcastic.
As it was starting to get dark, Ryan suggested that they stay where they were
and sleep in the car. ‘It will be much safer inside the car, I don’t fancy sleeping
on the ground with whatever animals are around,’ he said to Angel.
‘I don’t want us to go on and end up sleeping outside.’
‘Yes, you are right, I am afraid now that the cavemen are watching or that
there are hungry animals roaming around. Sleeping in the car will keep us safe from being attacked or eaten’ replied Angel.

Excerpts from Book 1

Then CLINK, as if by some cruel hand of fate, the lights went out and they were plunged into darkness. 

Total inky black darkness. 

Someone screamed, someone cried, someone laughed and Miss Claudette swore out loud in French.


Within seconds of the lights going out, nine small lights appeared as the students switched on the torch feature of their phones. Nine little lights shone, the students calmed down and sat either on the bench seat or on the floor.  No-one ventured to move, no-one went to the front and no-one went anywhere near the bucket. There was sobbing and crying and even Miss Claudette was silent.

‘Don’t let go of my hand Morgan’ said Ryan ‘I’ll look after you, I’ll keep you safe.’



‘Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ sang Ryan into Daniels face making a beckoning gesture with both hands.

Daniel lifted the crutch again and said ‘I’ve warned you Ryan, I’ll have you, I will have you and take great pleasure in it. So you do not speak to Rosie like that ever again’ and he prodded Ryan on the shoulder with the end of one of his crutches. He prodded Ryan with quite a force that Ryan yelled out and Daniel went to prod him again. Chip rushed forward and pushed Ryan out of the way, ‘he’s not worth it Daniel, just stop, don’t hit him, just stop please, please.’

Daniel stood straight, put the bottom of both crutches on the floor and limped off into the lounge. 





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